Today in the Daily Planet, 10/20/07



“State of Latinos in legal education”:
La Prensa Staff Writers, La Prensa de Minnesota
Every year, Minnesota’s four Law Schools—Hamline, University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas and William Mitchell—graduate approximately 3,000 lawyers into our community. Approximately three percent of those newly-minted lawyers, or fewer than 100, will be Latinos. More disturbing, there appear to be no trends to indicate this situation will improve in the immediate future.

“Power plays”:
by Mary O’Regan and Kari VanDerVeen, Downtown Journal
Officials face challenges holding some organizations accountable for violating city rules.

“Think Outside the Bottle”:
by Silke Rossman, KFAI
In less than 20 years, two-thirds of the world’s population will lack access to water. Overuse and pollution are not the only reasons for this crisis. Lately, big bottled water corporations are trying to control the water sources by turning water into a commodity. In response, the organization Corporate Accountability International has launched the ‘Think Outside the Bottle Campaign’ in efforts to protect municipal water as a human right and Minneapolis Mayor R T Rybak is on board.


“Report details 515 discriminatory Minnesota statutes”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
A new advocacy group focusing on rights for same-sex couples is launching a campaign to educate Minnesotans about the discriminatory nature of Minnesota’s statutes. Project 515 hopes to shift the discussion regarding same-sex relationships from the divisive rhetoric over gay marriage and activist judges to one Minnesotans support — giving same-sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else.

“Columbia law professor speaks at Hamline Univ. about race and eugenics”:
by Caroline Joseph, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Old philosophy of breeding out the ‘undesirable’ lives on in modern world of DNA testing

“A frank talk with Franken”:
by Brady Averill, Downtown Journal
Do not ask Al Franken where he dines in Minneapolis. He rarely does. His idea of eating out is grabbing hot dish and baked beans at Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party dinners or savoring “the best, best pulled barbeque sauce” at Fulda High School while campaigning.


“Vigilance & chicken pot pies”:
by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020
Don’t drive over bridges. Don’t buy Chinese-manufactured toys. Don’t eat chicken pot pies.


“My New Home In Minnesota”:
by Patricia M. Guerrero, New Minnesotans Speak