Today in the Daily Planet, 10/10/07



“The United Nations at St. Anthony Avenue”:
By Issa A. Mansaray, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The wrestling match lasted for almost a minute. Two young men from Somalia and Ethiopia respectively, locked into each other’s arms, test each other’s strength while their friends watch and cheer. A group of elders, mostly from Somalia, stood outside the building discussing recent changes on Green Cards, and the latest news from home. A couple of Asian elders dropped some clothes into laundry machines located on the main floor of the building. This is 1247 St. Anthony Avenue in St. Paul.

“Technology: The driving force behind rural Minnesota change”:
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
Trains chug into Elbow Lake, Minnesota, pulling more than 100 hopper cars to be loaded with corn or wheat – and sometimes soybeans – that start a journey from farms on the lower edge of the Red River Valley to markets as far away as Japan, Russia, India, Egypt, China and Morocco.

“Not fast enough”:
by Staff, Session Daily
The state’s top water management watchdog is not moving fast enough to implement new enforcement powers designed to protect wetlands, some members of a House division said.


“Jackson Square Iron Pour”:
by Alan Wilfahrt, Special to the TC Daily Planet
A community workshop, held Friday, September 28 had 50 hard-packed sand blocks which participants scratched / carved designs, which were then cast for a future public art project to be installed in Jackson Square Park in 2008.

“Lake Street businesses look for end of construction”:
By Katie Anderson, Uptown Neighborhood News
You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that Lake Street has been under construction all summer. The roadwork from Dupont Avenue to Bryant Avenue and at the LynLake intersection has snarled traffic, frustrated pedestrians and made it generally difficult to get anywhere in the neighborhood.

“Kickin’ up your heels with the Odd Fellows”:
by Natalie Zett, Park Bugle
‘It’s the Odd Fellows up there again, dancing,’ said the clerk at Hampden Park Co-op, explaining the thunderous pounding coming from the ceiling.


“More in sadness than in anger”:
by Eric Black, Eric Black Ink
Only three stories start on the Strib front page today [Friday, October 5].


“Convene Scene: Designers look at political logos”:
Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth