Time to demand real change


A little over a year ago millions of people, mesmerized and energized by the message of change and hope delivered by Barack Obama, made him president of the United States. Undoubtedly that act in and of itself has changed history for the better, and is rightly recognized as a milestone.

However it is time now to demand those promises of change and hope be kept; to this point they have been nothing but a cruel joke. In fact as 2009 comes to an end we have witnessed the complete betrayal of these ideas with the failure of real health care reform, and the joke that was the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen (not to mention the troop escalation and so on).

As I am writing this, the Senate is planning a midnight vote on a bill that can hardly be called health care reform, which is predicted to pass (I will not take the time now to make an argument for why this is a terrible bill as I have wrote previously regarding that issue). Obama is just returning from Copenhagen where extremely rich, Western countries continued the practice of exploiting the Global South, and selling our and our grandchildren’s future for short-term profit, to be topped off with blatant blackmail and bullying by the United States.

It has become clear Obama is a talented politician nothing more nothing less. Many of those who were so hopeful (many for the first time) are now instead disillusioned and overwhelmed by powerlessness. It is these people I write this for. Take heart family, there is hope as long as there is breath in our lungs. The hope was never with Obama, it was with us. The millions who made their voice heard electing the first African American president. That hope cannot be taken away, it can only be given away. Refuse to do that! Get involved and stay involved in our communities; organize, organize, organize. If you believe health care is a human right then make that known, call your elected officials, have your friends do the same, and if they don’t listen then vote them out!

Vote for the people that represent you and your people. The time has come to stop choosing the lesser of two evils. If the candidates don’t represent your interest then run yourself. It is time to move past this failed two party-system that has so clearly turned its back on us. Above all, love and respect yourselves and each other. We are deserving of happiness, and have every right to demand equality. We will not be free until we are all free!