Time Crimes




Time Crimes is a twisty sci-fi thriller that will keep audiences guessing and talking long after leaving this time-traveling genre-bending transporting the viewer to fourth-dimension reality.

What starts as a harmless day relaxing in the sun outside his country home, worried scientist Hector (played by the director) starts surveying the nearby hillside through a pair of binoculars, when he catches sight of what appears to be a nude woman. Tracking the image, he hikes into the woods, when he’s suddenly attacked by a sinister figure wrapped in a grotesque, pink head bandage. Taking refuge in a hilltop laboratory, he tries to elude the stalker by hiding in a peculiar scientific contraption, and moments later, emerges—only to find that it’s hours earlier. An ordinary man propelled by curiosity is thus flung into circumstances far beyond his comprehension of the future (and perhaps his control).

Director Nacho Vigalondo (who stars as the worried scientist) draws from a tradition of more cerebral sci-fi stories of an ordinary man flung into circumstances far beyond his comprehension (and perhaps his control) is propelled by a deeper curiosity of time traveling and messing with the future.

(In Spanish w/ Eng. subtitles)


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