Tim Pawlenty doesn’t like popular, successful programs


Of any kind — GAMC, MinnesotaCare, pfffft. Get outta here, poor people. You don’t vote anyway.

Never mind that Social Security has provided a great boon to our seniors for the past seventy years, and helped millions avoid the horrors that came with events like the Great Depression (life savings lost, no way to hold a job due to age, the list goes on): Tim Pawlenty thinks we just need to phase those silly programs out:

So the truth of the matter is, is we are going to have to reform entitlement programs. I’ve done this in Minnesota, for example, with our bus drivers in the Twin Cities. They had post-retiree health insurance benefits, and the premise was this, if we made a promise to you, we’ll keep it. We’re not going to cut people off in terms of their pensions if we’ve made a promise to you. But for people who are new to the system, who are coming on, where we can fairly give them notice and fairly change expectations, the system’s going to change. And we did it.

If someone else already made a promise to you, we’ll keep it. Otherwise, we’re not making any more promises about the future. We’re in it for ourselves. Right?


It’s really quite a shame — there was a time when Tim Pawlenty wasn’t terrible on some issues — climate change, green energy — but the panderfest for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination goes on.

Apparently, advocating for radical changes to the most popular government program of the past century is the way to win his party’s trust. Or something.