Thune wins St. Paul’s first ranked choice voting runoff


St. Paul City Councilman Dave Thune failed to get a majority of votes in last week’s election, but on Monday he prevailed over four other challengers when the votes were reallocated as part of ranked choice voting.

Thune came up with more than the 2,682 votes needed to win after low vote-getters Sharon Anderson, Cynthia Schanno and Jim Ivey were eliminated and their votes awarded to voters second, third, fourth or fifth choice candidates. Bill Hosko was the second place finisher. In the first round he was third.

Final totals:

  • Dave Thune 2,870
  • Bill Hosko 2,064

In the above video, Elections Manager Joe Mansky explains how the ranked choice runoff counting works. He says it is like a recount, but isn’t. There are no challenges allowed.