THREE ISSUES | Immigration, tax fairness, health care


Marque Jensen, 50-year-old father of three and grandfather of one, said three prominent issues to him in the upcoming election are comprehensive immigration reform, tax fairness and health care. Jensen, who resides in North Minneapolis with his wife, is presently the director of Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network, an organization committed to engaging new Minnesotan immigrants through education, civil engagement, and leadership development.

In regard to comprehensive immigration reform, Jensen said we have a broken system where immigrants are in hiding. “The economy is dependent on them,” he said, “We treat them like dirt, like they’re the problem.”

Jensen also said tax fairness is important so the wealth disparity doesn’t continue to grow. People should all pay fairly so it doesn’t create a separation of wealth.

Lastly, Jensen said he wants to see a continuation of the Obama health care plan.

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