THURSDAY PICK | Thirty Two Magazine: Herald of the Twin Cities’ cultural renaissance?


It’s not just a magazine launch event, it’s “a party heralding the cultural renaissance of the Twin Cities!” That might be a little overstated, but if your renaissance-meter is wired to the gauge counting the number of startup publications, this summer Minnesota is indeed off the charts.

Thirty Two Magazine is the most highfalutin of them all, with contributor bios that include phrases like “he devours all things writ­ten from antiq­uity to mod­ern day, fre­quently putting down his book to pon­der how his new insights relate to the cur­rent state of humankind” and “he has some 40 schol­arly pub­li­ca­tions on a vari­ety of sub­jects (west­ern indi­vid­u­al­ism, the self in his­tory, ado­les­cent iden­tity, the sta­tus of chil­dren, Erik Erik­son, Carl Jung, Charles Lind­bergh, the psy­chol­ogy of soli­tary ordeals, higher edu­ca­tion)” and “she is per­haps named after a cer­tain font and her mother’s favorite tea.” Get ready for some thinkin’ and drinkin’ on June 14 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

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