COMMUNITY VOICES | Third Ward Candidate critique


Jacob Frey has proclaimed twice in the last month that what the third ward needs, as part of the city, is organization.  Organization that he has put together and will bring to the city; organization that he has personally assembled through his activism in the Great Gay Race.  Does the city not already employ organizational tools?  Do we really want the ward to be run by the minions of the candidate with the biggest private army of pretty boy thugs?  Tammany Hall never looked so good.  These would be the followers who trail along behind him at events. Jacob Frey’s campaign took it on itself to write their own rules for the forum at DMNA, bringing proponents in campaign t-shirts who cheered at will, in contravention of the rules everyone else followed.

Mr. Frey has declined to accept that our constitutional rights come first before his ideas.  He is pushing gun control as a public safety policy, taking control of our lives from our own hands and throwing it to the winds.  Hiring more police does not keep us safer; the only strategy that will is to prepare ourselves to protect ourselves.  Elimination of victimhood is the only way to stand up to the bullies who may threaten us; when each of us is trained to stand up against all bullies and violent threats, violence will not loom over us as a threat. 

Jacob Frey told the Star Tribune that “the Southwest corridor must be built”.  Why?  Why must it absolutely be built if the only option is to run it through our federally protected parklands?  Parklands can not so easily be rebuilt once destroyed, you know…  Why must it be built to the demands of suburbanites such that no city residents can even use it?  If it must go through our neighborhoods, endangering our children by its very existence in our backyards, should we not at least insist on stops within walking distance of our homes?  How can the Met Council fail to run it down the greenway, a natural conduit through South Minneapolis already replete with infrastructure? Qui bono?

Jacob Frey has taken it on himself to promise a new school over northeast in a year or two.  A little beyond his pay grade, or what?  He thinks that young families will want to move into new crackerbox apartments he will approve for development after the developers tear the foreclosed houses down, that families might have been more attracted to… 

Jacob Frey doesn’t think the property owners in Ward Three should make any choices on their own.  He will protect us from ourselves.  If a lot is empty, the owner should not earn income by selling parking space, which has “no overhead, only an eight dollar an hour attendant to collect the fees” (because there was no expense to the capital investment that provided the space in the first place).  The owner of that lot should be forced to make expensive improvements to make it a garden until the improvement expense forces the property to the market so a developer can take it over and build a structure.  Yay, civilization!

Signed, Katch 4 Council Campaign