“American Idiot”: There’s always an encore at a concert


Since Green Day is a band that everyone has heard of, I would imagine that the play would be easy to follow. I would just have to be familiar with their music. The beginning of the show supported this idea. It was very apparent that the characters were angry and rebellious. As the play continued I realized it wasn’t much of a play at all, it was more like a concert with lines here and there. Almost like a musical diary of the main character. 

Speaking of characters I don’t feel like we got to know anything about them besides the fact that they all wanted something more out of life. That was obvious from the beginning, but as far as getting to know them, there wasn’t much to go off of. This could’ve been just me not paying attention but I don’t remember anyone’s name being mentioned more that once in the production. St jimmy’s name was and that was about it. Then again they didn’t allow much time for character introduction with all the singing that was going on. As far as acting goes Van Hughes did a good job at playing a role that was relatable. Not that we all hate our parents and do drugs, but I think we all know someone like him. One thing I have to mention is Jake Epstein played Will in American Idiot and Craig in Degrassi. Degrassi has been one of my favorite shows for a while now, and in that show he played a guy who was really into music. So seeing him in this production was like what happened to him after he graduated from high school. There were a few characters that came out of nowhere. I can’t even figure out who they were but there was a girl who took the baby, and did some other stuff and it made things confusing. 

Another thing that made the show hard to watch were the flashing lights. The lights gave the show a rock concert feel. I mean I guess that’s what they were going for but it didn’t make things any easier to understand. I want to say they made things harder because while I should have been paying attention to what was going on I was busy looking at the TV screens on the set or the flashing lights all around the stage. I like concerts so the show was fun, but not good for trying to understand the story line. 

The music was amazing. Each actor that I heard had an amazing voice, and they had a strong ensemble. Since it was established in the beginning that the characters weren’t happy with their lives the songs had more meaning than they had before. I could tell that they were going through a tough time. At the end of the show they had an “encore”. A friend turned to me and said, “There’s always an encore at a concert”.This verified the concert feel.