Then She Found Me



Director: Helen Hunt

Actress Helen Hunt makes a self-assured directorial debut in this deft and touching story of self-fulfillment rife with realism and subtle humor. She also stars as a schoolteacher April Epner, who is nearing 40 and is eager to have a baby, a desire based in part on the fact that having been adopted, and she never knew her own birth mother.

April’s plans are abruptly derailed when her husband of less than a year (Matthew Broderick) has, in his immaturity, a change of heart and deems their marriage a mistake. As if April’s life couldn’t become more out of control, enter her apparent birth mother (Bette Midler, in a scene-stealing performance), who turns out to be a local talk show host, Bernice Graves. Bernice tries to become the mother to April that she was never able to be, as the emotionally vulnerable April seems to find solace in the arms of the recently divorced father of one of her students (Colin Firth), but only to find a new promise in possibilities of parenthood and identity. (Watch for a cameo by THE Salomon Rushdie as bemused obstetrician). “Indeed, Then She Found Me is a low-key comedy in which characters always seem just one misstep away from full-out tragedy” — Variety

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