THEATER | Broadway ladies with pizzazz to spare


Attending the last 2008 performance of Broadway’s Legendary Ladies at the Ordway’s McKnight Theatre had us walking away saying, “Next year, we’re bringing friends and celebrating…ummm…something!”

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The show had pizzazz, sass, drama, style, color, feathers, heels (oh, my!), and amazing vocal performances. The lighting was dynamic, and the musicians were top-rate. Musically, there was tone, richness, and occasionally a “belt” that sent shivers through the audience. Among the actresses there was a friendly and admiring rapport that made you yearn to be one of them—just like on the “real” Broadway.

Favorite performances included Holly Schroeder singing/acting Elaine Stritch (but then, we are Martini-lovin’ women) and the ensemble’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Less-strong numbers included “Le Jazz Hot!” (the vocals and choreography seemed strained) and “Vanilla Ice Cream” (cute, but sometimes “classic” just means “dated”).

Knowing that the music will change but the voices will stay ever-clear, this is a performance to add to your seasonal calendar, like A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie. It’s a joyful performance that everyone from Hannah Montana wannabes to Gershwin-lovin’ grandmas will enjoy.

Betsy Gabler is marketing and business development director at Alchemy Architects. Martha Gabler Lunde, a florist, is proprietress of Martha’s Gardens. They are both aunts of Daily Planet arts editor Jay Gabler.