The Sioux Chef opening highly anticipated food truck


4 thoughts on “The Sioux Chef opening highly anticipated food truck

  1. A food truck named Sioux? I thought that term was offensive or something. Isn’t that why ndsu had to drop the name? A food truck is okay but a institute of higher education isn’t? Who can keep up anymore. Is it a copyright thing? I apologize in advance for anything I may have said or might say in the future that might cause somebody some immeasurable grief in some way.

  2. It’s a pun on the French culinary phrase “sous-chef,” which means “assistant chef.”
    And the controversy over the name “Sioux” was not over the designation itself, since the “Shakopee-Mdewakanton Sioux community” keeps the name, but over the use of an ethnic group’s name for a sports team.

  3. Try reading that again. The food truck is called Tatanka Truck. The chef has nicknamed himself the Sioux Chef.

  4. Anyone with the handle Birther 2.0 should definitely be auto-banned from commenting on the internet.

    That said, I think it is amazing what Mr. Sherman is doing–both reviving and renewing culinary traditions of a people whose ways have been so forcibly and inexcusably demolished and diluted, and reminding his own community that they will always have more than what their oppressors tried to leave them with. May he and all he touches rise!

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