Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat



Director: GRETHE BØE

Oddball mysteries crop up in a secret basement room as young Liv is about to board a ferry to Denmark and fly a helicopter as birthday presents..

But first, welcome, the ghostly black cat, Titanic. Cats have nine lives as we all know, but this one has 10. About to embark on her boat trip, Liv and best friend Thomas discover an old photo in the apartment where she lives of two girls and a cat. All of a sudden the cat comes to life and jumps out of the photo. The shock sends Liv to the hospital, from where she tries to unravel the mystery as well as what’s happening to her, or could it have something to do with the famous Titanic catastrophe? Adults won’t believe her story, but an elderly neighbor enters to help her get to the bottom of things. (Film won a 2008 Berlin Film Festival Special Mention.)

Recommended for age 9+. Parental Advisory: some scenes may be frightening for younger children.

(In Norwegian w/ Eng. Subtitles)


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