Ten Days Out: A Local Arts Preview


Editor’s note: This is the first of a weekly series of columns highlighting cultural events in the Twin Cities. Each Thursday, Lydia be posting a selected listing of film, theater, music, dance and other events in this space. If you have suggestions, click on “arts@tcdailyplanet.net”:mailto:arts@tcdailyplanet.net.

Sept. 22-Sept. 28
Oak Street Cinema, Minneapolis

Part pop cultural exploration, part “Be-In” caught on film, director Steven R. Hurlburt’s Dreadheads journeys from Miane to California. He takes a ride with 21st century “hippies” following what’s known as “jam bands,” progeny of the jam band of them all, The Grateful Dead. Hurlburt, in a move that Andy Warhol might have conceived, films partly in grainy Super 8, partly with the clarity of digital, capturing a distincitly American Dream: the endless, open road, refusing middle-class conformity and corporate employment for a leap into the unknown of spiritual seeking and sensual delight. Some of the musicians, such as the Dead’s Bob Weir, appear. Academics offer explanations of this subculture, including one who puts Rastafarianism–the Jamaican synthesis of Old Testament Christianity with marijuana-as-sancrament and the indestructable resistance to tyranny–into context. But, ultimately this film belongs to the “Dreadheads” themselves. Mostly from priviledged backgrounds, they’ve simply withdawn from George Bush’s America and embraced ecstacy with all its beautiful possiblities and sometimes brutal perils.

$8 gen/$6members, Fri. Sept. 22-Thur.Sept. 28, 7:30pm/9:30 nightly, Sat/Sun also 5:30 pm matinee, Oak Street Cinema, 309 Oak St. (1/2 blk from Washington Ave. S.), East Bank, U of M, Minneapolis www.mnfilmart.org (612)331-3134

Melodee Strong, illustrator
Through Sept. 28
Homewood Studios, Minneapolis

Some make distinctions between the graphic arts and “fine art”, but, Melodee Strong’s portraits in color take the very day and find magic. She’s received awards from the Society of Illustrators and this North MInneapolis artist shows her best work of the last five years. Warm, witty and sometimes mysterious,Strong is a great intro for anyone who’s not been to a gallery before. Artistic inspiration surrounds us and Melodee Strong expresses “ordinary” beauty so we recognize and see.

Free, Tues. 5pm-9pm, Wed./Fri. 1 pm-6 pm, Sat.1 pm-4 pm, Homewood Studios, 2400 Plymouth Ave. North, Minneapolis, (612)587-0230 www.homewoodstudios.com

Remembering Rachel Corrie
Sept. 23-24
Bedlam Theater, Center for Independent Artists

American college student Rachel Corrie opposed the Israeli policy of
Palestinian homes demolition. In the tradition of non-violent direct
action, Corrie acted as a human shield facing down a bulldozer driven by an Israeli soldier in Gaza and was killed. Mali Burkhart recreates her
one-woman performance, with video-collage, newscasts, paintings,
puppetry and Butoh dance. Rooted in modern Japan, Butoh uses
full-body make-up, martial arts and evocative expression. Burkhart’s
play is not only a profile in courage but, illuminates the
Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

$5, Sat. Sept. 23, 10 pm, Bedlam Theatre, 504 Cedar Ave (side of Palmer’s),West Bank; $5 -$15, Sun. Sept. 24, 4 pm, (with discussion by Meg Novak afterwards) Ctr. for Independent Artists, 4137 Bloomington Ave. S. Minneapolis More info: www.c4ia.org

TC Musicians for “Papa John” Kolstad
Sep. 24
Eagles Club

Long known as blues-folk musician and owner of Mill City Music, “Papa John” Kolstad is running for MInnesota Attorney General on the Green Party ticket. A cavalcade of TC musicians jam for Kolstad’s campaign, MC’ed by KFAI’s Jackson Buck and blues artist (and son) Cadillac Kolstad. The event also includes a potluck, rousing speeches, comedy and a roast of Papa John by those who know him best. Musical line up inclues: Spider John Koerner, Swinging Liquor Pigs, John Rondine, Bill Hinkley & Judy Larsen, Brass Messengers, Mikki Matteson & Rich Rue, Dreamland Faces and Cadillac Kolstad.

Donation to the Kolstad Campaign. Sun. Sept. 24, 2 pm-6 pm, Eagles Club, 2507 East 25th St.(@ 25th Ave. South), Minneapolis

Longitudes and Latitudes
Sept. 23
Center for Independent Artists

Poet and performance artist Laura Winton’s show Longitudes and Lattitudes investigates the boundaries between artist and audience, speakers and listeners. Weaves theatre texts, with poetry, manifestos, news reports, and other bits of found language.

Sept. 23, 10 pm, Center for Independent Artists in the Mistry Theater. 4137 Bloomington Ave. S. Mpls. Ph: 612-724-8392 or email cia@c4ia.org

A View From the Bridge
Sept. 22-Oct. 1
Mound Theater

Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge by StartingGate Production. Directing debut by TC actress Jodi Kellogg. Miller’s reply to On the Waterfront directed by his former best friend, Elia Kazan (alienated during the 1950s McCarthy “Red Scare” witch-hunt). An immigrant longshoreman and his family deal with love, jealosy, pride and ethical choices.

$18 gen/$16 students/seniors, Fri/Sat. 7:30 pm, Sun. 2 pm, Mound Theatre, 129 Hudson Rd. (1/2 block east of Earl St. in Dayton Bluffs neighborhood), St. Paul (651)645-3503

Iraq for Sale:The War Profiteers
Sept. 29
O’Shaughnessy Education Center

The director of the expose of rightwing spin-masters OutFOXxed, Robert Greenwald, turns his unflinching camera on the continued coporate looting of Iraq (at American taxpayer’s expense). Greed, corruption, incomeptence and aquestionable accounting system used by Halliburton, Blackwater Security, CACI among other corporate behemouths pocket hundreds of millions while leaving Iraq in ruins.

$7, Fri. Sept. 29, 7 pm, O’Shaughnesy Education Ctr., Cleveland and Summitt, St. Paul

S.A.S.E. GLBT Reading, featuring Jane Levin, Rhonda Lundquist and Lisa Albrecht
Sept. 27
Olin Hall, Carleton College

Wednesday September 27th
S.A.S.E. GLBT Reading, featuring Jane Levin, Rhonda Lundquist and Lisa Albrecht. Hosted by John Medeiros and Andrea Jenkins. Also, Jane Hamilton, author of When Madeline Was Young, will give a reading and book signing as part of the Northfield Reads! communitywide book club.

Free, Wed. Sept. 27, 7 pm, Room 149, Olin Hall, Carleton College, Northfield. For information, contact River City Books, 306 Division St., Northfield; 507-646-7754.

Wake Up Ghetto
Sept. 30
Old Arizona Theater

Written by Minneapolis-based playwright K. Michele Smith and directed by Stephenetta Harmon, Wake Up Ghetto introduces us to a world of healing and triumph, from the perspective of a teenage mother who is, as she says, “living in the projects where we live as one – ni**as, roaches and rats, alley cats, big dogs, hustlers and pimps. All of us united in a struggle for decent food, shelter and water.” This is an
intimate exploration of her magic and madness, emergence from abuse, addiction, and lack of self-love to find the power in her voice. A secret window opens into a circle of chracters where we are privy to their growth as they question their identities and purpose, ponder their dreams and ambitions, and create new choices for the future.

“The ghetto in this play speaks not necessarily to location, but to the
psyche of these characters embattled by stereotypes and misperceptions,
“said director Harmon, who is also Soulistic Playhouse executive director. “The moments of awakening are their decisions to step outside of those incomplete stereotypes and become whole beings.”

$12/gen, $10/students and seniors, Thu – Sat, Sept. 21 – 30, 7:30 pm, Old
Arizona Theatre, 2821 Nicollet Avenue S., Minneapolis. Cast includes Karla Smith, Ron Collier, G.G. Tillis and Jamil Greene. For tickets or more information, call 612.722.0586 or visit http://www.soulisticplayhouse.org

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