Tell SPPS what you think about Large Scale System Change


SPPS held the first of three listening sessions on proposed Large Scale System Changes on February 12, with additional public meetings scheduled for March 26, April 7 and April 28. (Locations to be announced.) In between, you can send comments to the school district and school board by using a Survey Monkey form on the SPPS website. Or you can send letters and e-mails on any topic — from Large Scale System Changes to the budget to your local school — directly to school board members.

The SPPS website has quantities of useful information about calendars and future plans.

Large Scale System Change

Guiding Principles (from SPPS documents)
SPPS is at a crossroads. Business as usual is not a sustainable option for achieving our mission: a premier education for all. To more effectively and efficiently deliver on the SPPS mission, large scale system changes will:

• Target services to areas that will make the most impact on student achievement

• Scale-up research-based, successful models

• Retain and/or expand high demand, successful programs

• Remove institutional barriers to student and staff success

• Align resources to district priorities

• Seek equitable distribution of programs and resources

• Provide sustainable solutions

• Build internal capacity

• Eliminate ineffective programs

• Meet local, state and federal accountability obligations

• Consider community and ancillary implications

• Include all schools, programs and systems regardless of funding source

As responsible stewards of the public trust we must also ensure that as we implement changes we are careful to not:

• Exacerbate the achievement gap

• Increase racial isolation

• Perpetuate long-term enrollment decline

• Violate legal, contractual or grant rules

• Disproportionately impact particular segments of the community

• Create piecemeal or compartmentalized solutions