From Clooney to cleavage: #tcdptwitq with Oscar reporters Courtney Algeo and Jamie Millard


On April 2, we hosted a public conversation via Twitter—a #tcdptwitq—with Courtney Algeo (@IceCrmSocialite) and Jamie Millard (@jjmillard), who reported for the Daily Planet from the Academy Awards this year. The conversation ranged widely, with Courtney and Jamie sharing their experiences and impressions. Follow us @tcdailyplanet and @ArtsOrbit for the announcement of our next #tcdptwitq!

@ArtsOrbit: What was your most memorable celebrity encounter on the red carpet?

@jjmillard: It was all very memorable, but getting to see Clooney interact w/ the journalists and be so friendly was great.

@ArtsOrbit: What was one thing that surprised you about the backstage press room at the Oscars?

@IceCrmSocialite: How many different news organizations there were! There must have been 300 different orgs represented.

@IceCrmSocialite: What seemed surprising to the rest of the presses (or just disappointing) was the lack of booze.

@ArtsOrbit: Did it seem like the different pubs were trying for different angles—or were they all asking the same questions?

@IceCrmSocialite: They were asking different questions related to the types of news sources they were a part of.

@ArtsOrbit: Did any of the other photographers seem rude or pushy?

@jjmillard: I was actually surprised by how nice all the press were! One lady was too cool for school though.

@mergbird: Was there interest from other presses about tcdp/you representing minnesota in general?

@IceCrmSocialite: People seemed pretty surprised that Minnesota was there, and even that TCDP was the only place repping.

@giosmelly: Best Oscar Knockers?

@IceCrmSocialite: @jjmillard had the “cleavage” seats. She’ll know!

@jjmillard: WELL, I actually got a decent shot of Natalie Portman’s rack. Those didn’t make it online.

@barbteed: Would you do this again?

@IceCrmSocialite: That’s a really good question. If I could spend a little more time in L.A. Definitely! I’d especially like to photo.

@IceCrmSocialite: Was it better your second time, Barb?

@barbteed: I knew more about what I was doing. So relaxed more and had more fun.

@ArtsOrbit: Were there any Oscars attendees who were awkwardly ignored by press looking for the big names?

@jjmillard: Yeah, I always felt bad for the more unknowns who had their publicist standing next to them with their name on a sign.

@ArtsOrbit: When you visited the Governors’ Ball venue, did it seem genuinely glamorous, or shallowly glitzy?

@IceCrmSocialite: IMO it was hard to tell the diff, having never been anywhere so fancy pancy.

@jjmillard: The Governors’ Ball was glam inside, but it’s part of a weird shopping mall, changes the vibe.

@giosmelly: Were the other press dressed fancy too? Any compliments on your locally made duds?

@IceCrmSocialite: Everyone was dressed fancy, but we got a TON of compliments on our Sarah Holm dresses. #theverybest

@jjmillard: Thankfully everyone was dressed really nice (we were scared of being overdressed).

@jjmillard: When I told someone my dress was from a MN designer, they asked if MN was in Canada. #truestory

@ArtsOrbit: Did you feel like you got any exclusive scoops that no one else got?

@IceCrmSocialite: Haha. Unfortunately, not really, although we were invited to a couple of parties, but had an early flight! #nexttime

@IceCrmSocialite: But I did have some unique experiences.

@giosmelly: Best snack provided to the press?

@jjmillard: Courts was lucky and got fed, I had to bring my own snacks and they melted in my camera bag 🙁

@IceCrmSocialite: Fried mac ‘n cheese!

@ArtsOrbit: Did you see any of The Dictator’s ashes-spilling incident? Were the photogs talking about it?

@jjmillard: I didn’t see it happen, but everyone was talking about it. We saw him escorted off the carpet though.

@giosmelly: Any other Minnesota reporters live at the Oscars? 

@IceCrmSocialite: Nopes! @ArtsOrbit was the only one!