TC Daily Planet saves the day!


Well, I just got my IT problem fixed.  I had 2 accounts on the Daily Planet & I sent an email off to get it fixed & now it’s fixed already.  I don’t even get that good of a response from the IT department where I work during the day.  I just wanted to get my new blog started, so I thought I’d start with that, since it was so surprising to me & it helped me to write this blog.  Secondly, I just wanted to let anyone reading this know about the protests in front of the United Health Care buildings in suburban Minneapolis (St. Louis Park?).  I saw it on TC Daily Planet, of course, but the video was shot on the  It’s about 6 protesters who were arrested during the protest in October 2009 to let everyone know that “business as usual” is not working for all the uninsured, sick, bankrupt people who get ignored by the health insurance companies like United who make a profit every year and pay their executives bonuses, while our country continues to get worse and worse health care at a higher cost for everyone.  Let’s reward people for solving the problem not for causing it and continuing it by providing health insurance to the healthy while ignoring those with a “pre-existing” condition – however they define “pre-existing.”  We’ve got to solve the health care crisis in this country and United is not helping, so let’s call our congresspeople today & ask for real reform.  Thanks for reading & goodbye for now.

signed, Mister Mike