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Homeland Insecurity in the Twin Cities
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
Cameras, camcorders, cell phones, computer, notebooks – even clothes and a sleeping bag – were confiscated by Minneapolis police in the name of Homeland Security Monday night, according to a trio of young artist-journalists in town to report on the RNC.

The Convention, the UnConvention, and the UnUnConvention
by Mason Riddle, TC Daily Planet
To the barricades…or something like that. So say the organizers of the UnConvention, the multi-faceted string of cultural activities that is taking place in tandem with the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. As forward-thinking and inclusive as the UnConvention proffers to be, though, it isn’t for every creative type. In fact, some of the most interesting activities will be independent, renegade affairs that may or may not be noticed. Collectively, they constitute a sort of UnUnConvention.

Why stay? For the love of teaching
by Erica Marston, Minnesota Women’s Press
Fifty percent of U.S. urban public school teachers leave the profession within their first five years of teaching. Why do they leave-and why do they stay?

Transportation at the Fair: Tradition & progress
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
Some things never change at the Minnesota State Fair. The livestock and horticulture exhibits, the dairy queens sculpted in butter, the Old Mill water ride – all link us to the past and the comforting continuity of life in the Gopher State.

VOICES | Obama and McCain are players; the election for president is about us
by Jim Klobuchar, Jim Klobuchar Writes
The polls are now calibrating the presidential election as a dead heat, or approaching that. The fallout on the eve of the conventions is predictable: The wingnuts are gloating, and Democrats are blaming each other.


Visiting with Liberian Toastmasters in Minnesota
by Abdullah Kiatamba, The Liberian Journal
They huddle every other Sunday, rehearsing speeches, fine-tuning sound bites and punchlines, managing bodily gestures, undergoing peer evaluation, and building a bond of supportive relationships, all in one breath.

Buy the house: a new twist in the Hollywood Theatre saga
by Gail Olson, Northeaster
Redeveloping the Hollywood Theater might look like a better prospect to developers in the future, if a city staff proposal goes forward. The idea is to add two other pieces of property to the project: the house next door and the empty lot across the street.

Hammond: IRS probe of church politically motivated
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
In a letter sent to supporters on Saturday, Pastor Mac Hammond of Living Word Christian Center wrote that “enemies of the gospel, often politically motivated,” are behind an ongoing Internal Revenue Service probe of the church. Hammond and Living Word are the target of an IRS audit investigating allegations of excessive compensation as well as of favorable loans and leasing arrangements that Hammond secured through the church.


BLOG | Bought any good records lately?
by Chris Godsey, Arts Orbit
“Records are more human in scale. CDs and iPods are so tiny. There’s something about the connection with music that comes from handling an album and putting it on a turntable. It’s the same feeling I get from making coffee at home. I can’t think of the word I’m trying to come up with; it’s not ‘ritual’ or ‘ceremony’ exactly, but it’s something like that. It’s about being more involved, more engaged. A record feels substantial.”

BLOG | Walking for Hugh Thompson
by Larry Johnson, Cabbages and Kings
As I write, we’re doing the final organizing for the National Veterans for Peace Convention, happening August 27-31 in the Twin Cities. This group of veterans of all wars is organized around the principle of, “We were there. We know how horrible war is, and we ask all governments everywhere to consider every possible means of peaceful negotiation before even thinking of committing its citizens to violent conflict”.

BLOG | Hillary Clinton, still not evil
by Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
Oh, that bitch Hillary Clinton, she sure burns my britches. Why, she’s actually going to have her name put in nomination at the DNC! That means clearly, she’s trying to destroy the party, unlike, say, Ted Kennedy, who did the same thing in 1980, or Jesse Jackson, who did the same thing in 1984 and 1988, or Jerry Brown, who got votes in 1992, or…well, anyhow, it’s evil when Hillary does it. And we all know her goal is to destroy the party from within, right?

BLOG |Décor deficiencies
By Rosemary Ruffenach, Rosemary Writes
Psychologists tell us that moving to a new home is one of the most stressful of life events. New neighbors, new routines, new routes to work all tax our coping systems, which is why I had postponed a move that I knew was inevitable. But, as August arrived, I thought I was mentally ready to meet these life challenges. What I hadn’t been warned about was facing my own inadequacies in home furnishing.