Tarryl Clark at the Minnesota AFL-CIO Political Conference


Responding to a standing ovation  of labor activists at the MOA Ramada, State Senator Tarryl Clark draws an obvious point: her opponent,incumbent Congresswoman Michele “Bachmann stands with Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schafly, while I stand with working men and women in Minnesota.”

Clark was riffing on calls from the labor calling out, “Miss November,” Bachmann’s place in a fundraising calendar published by the Clare Luce Foundation.

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Noting that five of nine state legislators in the St. Cloud area are now held by DFLers, Clark said that the Sixth is very winnable for a Democratic candidate who campaigns hard. “Some of those races were nail biters,” she said of the recent progressive gains.

Clark said that a vigorous grassroots effort–phone bank locations are already set up–will help dislodge Bachmann from office. The incumbent is more interested to driving sensational news than in creating policy and working for people in the Sixth.

First brought into office in a special election in 2005, Clark quickly rose in the DFL state senate leadership, becoming assistant majority leader in 2007. Insiders tell me that fundraising in Q3–the first for the Clark campaign–will be robust.

Since announcing her bid on July 28 , Clark has racked up an impressive list of labor endorsements.