Tangletown: Who are we?


Greetings fellow Tangletonians, (Tangletowners?)

When I volunteered to be the Daily Planet “neighborhood correspondent” for Tangletown, I had two main intentions in mind – 1. to help neighbors communicate with each other and  2. to let people from other parts of the Twin Cities know who we are and what’s going on here. 

First of all, let’s agree on the name of our neighborhood.  “Fuller/Tangletown” is both cumbersome and incorrect.  In 1996, the City of Minneapolis changed the name from Fuller to Tangletown, and I’m going with that.  Who am I to fight city hall?  I suppose we could use “The Neighborhood Formerly Known as Fuller”.

Tangletown gets its name from the curving, confusing, web of streets on the hill that rises above Minnehaha Creek up to the Washburn Water Tower.  This 200-acre plot was mapped out as an upscale residential development in the early 20th century – one of the Twin Cities’ first planned “suburban” communities.  Most of those houses date from the 1910s through the 1920s.  Since 1996, that area, plus the section from 50th Street to 46th Street, which is part of the city’s grid pattern, as well as the area south of the creek to 54th Street between Lyndale Ave. and 35W have been officially designated as Tangletown.

Tangletown is a wonderful place to live and we have a lot of community assets.  There are a number of interesting annual events here, such as the garage sale, home tour and the 4th of July celebration.  We’ve got schools, some good local businesses, a beautiful urban park and of course, many gorgeous houses that are occupied by a lot of wonderful people.  We even have a cool logo, a mysterious, tangley “T” that shows up here and there.

But like any neighborhood, we also have problems, annoyances and room for improvement.  This Daily Planet page could be used for working on some of those things as well as for horn-tooting.

I will try to post something here about once a week — maybe put up a photo now and then and possibly even a little video.  But I’m really hoping that others will want to contribute to this page.  This means YOU. 

Let me know if you have any events, interesting people, places or businesses that you’d like me to post or write about.  Or you can write something yourself, take a photo and send it along. 

One way you can find out more about our neighborhood is by going to the Tangletown Neighborhood Association web page, www.Tangletown.org .  The TNA meets at Fuller Park on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM.  There are also Facebook and YahooGroups Tangletown pages that you can join.

So, let me know what you’d like others to know about.

Thanks!  I hope to hear from you.


Steve Date