Talking With Strangers


Doug McGill’s new column in the Twin Cities Daily Planet begins today with his account of a confrontation coming this Saturday in Minneapolis between an Ethiopian government official named as a primary architect of a genocide in western Ethiopia and members of the African tribe his government has targeted for destruction.

McGill, a former New York Times reporter and Bloomberg bureau chief, writes what he calls “global narratives for local audiences.” He has a special connection with the story of the Anuak in Ethiopia, a story he first reported as it happened in 2003. Living in Rochester, Minnesota, he heard about the massacre from immigrants in that city. They told him of frantic cell phone calls from Gambella, gunshots and screams of relatives being dragged from their homes. He broke the story, in a scoop that was picked up by the international media and followed by international human rights investigations.

In “Talking With Strangers,” McGill will bring his passion for making global connections to Minnesota to the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Welcome to the journey!