Tagging in Seward


In the early morning hours of September 27, a tagger hit about a dozen businesses along Franklin. He was captured on videotape by one of the businesses, which captured images and has circulated them in the neighborhood in the hope of identifying the tagger.

According to Greg Sales, whose building at 2200 E. Franklin Avenue was one of those tagged, clean-up costs his business about $250 per incident. This building has been treated with a special graffiti protector, which makes clean-up of the brick somewhat easier. Sales says that costs for buildings where an entire wall or garage was sprayed would be much higher. Clean-up for an untreated wall would also be much more difficult and expensive.

In addition to businesses, the tagger marked bus stop shelters and garbage containers. Businesses along Franklin Avenue have made police reports and are seeking information to identify the tagger. A flyer prepared by Sales asks people to contact the police or to call him directly at 612-721-4444.