Protesters call on Dayton to “veto everything” as legislative proposals have compounding effects on the state’s most marginalized [UPDATED]


Gov. Mark Dayton signed a dozen state budget bills into law on May 30, preventing a state government shutdown and signing off on the Legislature’s $46 billion budget, despite calling many of the Republican lawmakers’ provisions “galling and indefensible” and a “reprehensible sneak attack.”

But just because Dayton signed the bills does not mean he approves all the measures. In an effort to bring state legislators back for yet another special session, Dayton made a line-item veto, effectively defunding the budgets of the state House and Senate themselves. Among the multiple issues Dayton wants to renegotiate – largely taxes – the governor also wants a provision making it even more difficult for undocumented immigrants to receive drivers licenses to be stricken from the Public Safety budget. Continue Reading