St. Cloud State dean is determined to do the right thing

“I think leadership at the top is very important,” says Williams, who has been at SCSU since 1999, of the university’s past diversity efforts that fell short. She adds of new school president Earl Potter, “I like the way the new leadership is recognizing and acknowledging racism.”
Williams is among 20 faculty members from the Colleges of Education and Social Sciences who make up the Racial Issues Colloquium, which meets regularly and provides courses for students to critically analyze the effects of racism, discrimination and oppression on people of color in the U.S. Eleven courses are now available in community studies (two), history (one), sociology (one), ethnic studies (five), human relations and multicultural education (two). It was a “cumbersome” process getting the curriculum approved, Williams admits. “We still are having problems because some people still are leery about this requirement. [But] this is one of the best things for our students.”
Now that SCSU students are required to take these courses, they are making themselves “highly marketable” for future employment, says Williams. Many top corporations today have mandated that their employees take regular diversity training. Continue Reading

St. Cloud still reeks of racism

Can local Blacks summon the courage to force change? Let’s adopt, alter and restate a popular neoconservative formula for identifying ducks (feathered, flat-billed, web-footed foul in the family of Anatidae) to describe St. Cloud racism. If St. Cloud condones racism, maintains racism, and boasts a psychopathic history of racism, it’s racist. Continue Reading