Best of Neighborhood News 2/26/2019: Youth-led climate movement taken to the State Capitol

Youth-led climate movement taken to the State CapitolMinnesota Can’t Wait, a broad coalition of youth, has changed the course of Minnesota’s progressive climate politics when they packed the State Capitol in early February to enshrine the Minnesota Green New Deal. Modeled after the eponymously named federal legislative version, spearheaded by U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), the Minnesota Green New Deal also proposes similar programs addressing climate change through the remaking of the economy. The Green New Deal demands an “equitable” transition to renewable energy sources by 2030; it now makes its way through the state legislature. This moment in Minnesota’s nascent climate justice movement is what one young activist calls “a model for other states and the Federal Government to bring about additional Green New Deal legislation.”

To learn more, read the Southwest Journal. Amplifying voices: The SEAD Project uses storytelling to capture historyStorytelling and art are the centerpieces of a recent initiative led by the Southeast Asian Diaspora (SEAD) Project to highlight the forgotten histories of the millions who were borne out of the U.S. involvement in the French Indochina wars. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 11/7: City of Minneapolis recognizes Lao Minnesotan artist Kaysone Syonesa

October 10 is now known in Minneapolis as Kaysone Syonesa Day in recognition of prominent local Lao Minnesotan artist. Syonesa has been active in the local theater arts scene for years and is an accomplished actor, director and playwright. She is a close friend and mentor in her community. The recognition comes at the request of the Southeast Asian Literature Interdisciplinary Theater Arts Center. Syonesa and her family came to Minnesota after the Lao Civil War. Continue Reading