Best of Neighborhoods News 06/19/2019: Minneapolis CAN stop landlords from screening out Section 8 tenants

Minneapolis CAN stop landlords from screening out Section 8 tenantsA Court of Appeals ruling last Monday now prevents landlords in the city of Minneapolis from rejecting applications from tenants with Section 8 vouchers, a federal housing assistant program. It is what many are hailing as a significant step towards advancing affordable housing amidst the city’s ongoing housing crisis. The ruling favors the ordinance that was originally passed in 2017; and it overturns a Hennepin County judge’s ruling made last year that struck down the ordinance after a cohort of landlords contended with it. The recent appeals court ruling now allows the city to continue to enforce the ordinance to ban unscrupulous screening practices that discriminates against recipients of Section 8 rental subsidy vouchers. “Today’s court decision is a victory for Minneapolis families who need homes and for advocates for increased access to low-income housing throughout Minneapolis,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | Dred Scott in Minnesota

In the Dred Scott decision, Minnesota played a part in the cultural battle against slavery in the United States. Like the war on terrorism and “just war” debates, the great slave debate divided the nation, divided families, and was as much about finances as ethics.  In 1857, on March 6, Dred Scott was found to be “not a person.” This finding by the Supreme Court of the United States was boo-ed and ridiculed inside the country and abroad. Like the “illegal aliens” of today, the “enemy combatants” and the extradited and disappeared, slaves had no legal standing.  Dred Scott, a slave, sued for his freedom in 1846. After an eleven year court battle Scott, Harriet, his wife and the mother of their daughters, Eliza and Lizzie, lost their freedom case. The high court found that Scott was ineligible to bring his case for freedom from slavery into the federal court system. Continue Reading