Golden years? Income inequality and the ability to retire

Are you ready for retirement? While the idea might have its appeal, especially with the winter weather making for long commutes this year, an awful lot of workers are not on a track to be able to retire. That’s according to a survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), conducted annually. They found that only 18% are “very confident” that they’ll have enough for retirement and a further 37% are “somewhat confident”. That’s up from the 2013 survey, in which only 13% was “very confident”. Continue Reading

Increasing retirement savings must start now

Minnesotans save, maybe, a hair more money for retirement than other Americans. But, like every other American, Minnesotans aren’t remotely saving enough to provide for their secure post-work, retirement life. Savings correlate with household income; the more money you earn, the greater the likelihood of adequate retirement savings. Since 72% of Minnesota households earn less than $100,000 annually, retirement savings for most people aren’t coming remotely close enough to meet the projected need. Continue Reading

‘Take a book. Leave a book’: Little Brothers and Little Free Library fostering community in Corcoran

On a perfect fall day earlier this month, a group of staff from Little Brothers and Little Free Library buried a post in the ground, secured a painted box on it, and filled it with bilingual children’s books. The little library installed at the Little Brothers office in Corcoran is the first of 20 to be installed in Minneapolis and St. Paul, thanks to a partnership between Little Free Library and AARP called Friends through the Years.The installation of the library at the Little Brothers office, and the 19 libraries to come, embody the missions of the two organizations. The goal of Little Free Library is to create gathering places “where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories,” as stated on the organization’s website. Like Little Free Library, Little Brothers strives to bring people together. Continue Reading

Development begins at Hi-Lake Triangle in Minneapolis

Hugging the light rail station on Lake Street is a new construction site, which will transform in the course of 11 months into the Hi-Lake Triangle. While not technically in our coverage area (it’s actually in the East Phillips neighborhood), it will be a substantial building just on the other side of the LRT line.This article is reposted from TCDP media partner My Broadsheet. Check out the links below for other recent My Broadsheet stories:Ward 12 Candidates Respond to Audience QuestionsMPR Cites Seward as Culinary DestinationThe building will be a mixed-use space with 5,300 square feet of retail space (which could either amount to two or three businesses) and 64 senior apartments. Wellington Management is overseeing the property development and has secured one retail lease, which they would not name at this time.Current construction site of the Hi-Lake Triangle project. This senior housing development will be adjacent to the LRT station, which provides access to downtown, the Mall of America, and the airport. Continue Reading

How can seniors downsize and stay in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood?

“I’ve started to look at a senior housing complex,” a beloved neighbor tells you. “I simply cannot take care of my big house and yard anymore.”How can you reply to this heartbreaking news? With so few options, most seniors have to move away from the neighborhood they know and from the neighbors and businesses that know them.There’s no single answer to this problem, but at a community meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, the St. Anthony Park Land Use Efficiency (LUE) action group will ask residents to decide whether the neighborhood is ready to welcome “granny flats” or “alley houses” (a.k.a. accessory dwelling units or ADUs) to the neighborhood as a partial answer.These small units, constructed as separate backyard structures or as attached units on the main residence, can be highly energy efficient, easy to maintain and accessible. Continue Reading

Our last war: Allied Veterans of American Legion Post 1975 to serve Hmong-American service members and veterans

Hmong soldiers are renowned for bravery, valor and military tactical prowess. That is especially true of the Special Guerrilla Unit (SGU) veterans who fought under the late Major General Vang Pao during the Secret War in Laos serving American interests as wll as Hmong self-determination for freedom. Today’s generation of Hmong-American service members carry on that legacy in all branches of the U.S. military also.

Continue Reading