THEATER REVIEW | “Ghost The Musical” flashes more than shines at the Orpheum Theatre

What is the key to a successful movie-to-musical transformation? Ghost (1990) was a sleeper blockbuster and is now considered a classic. The story is a bitter-sweet, cliché-ridden good vs. evil, embellished by the spirit world and ultimately crowned by the satisfying power of love. The movie starred Patrick Swayze at the height of his career, Demi Moore donning a cute pixie haircut and tearing up on demand, and Whoopie Goldberg, who won best-supporting-actress Oscar for the role. Ghost The Musical is anything but quiet or intimate, but remains true to the story. Wall Street banker Sam, murdered in a botched mugging, is stuck on earth as a ghost to help his artist girlfriend Molly who is in danger. Continue Reading

MUSIC REVIEW | Diana Ross at the Orpheum Theatre: Too good to be true

The way in which Diana Ross made her entrance on Wednesday, August 28 at the Orpheum was so quintessentially Diana Ross in execution that it was almost hard to accept that the person sparkling underneath all those house lights was the real diva in the flesh and not just one of the better impersonators from Rupaul’s Drag Race. It was simply too good to be true.All the iconic, highly imitated elements were there: a sequined red caftan complete with matching shawl that looked like a high-end bath product, that notorious mane of curls that probably hasn’t changed since 1979, the same megawatt ear-to-ear smile that made her a superstar over half a century ago. Can an image so emblazoned in a mind be this close to reality? She started the night with “I’m Coming Out” because why wouldn’t you kick off your concert with “I’m Coming Out?” She’s Diana Ross, damn it, and she’s here to entertain you. And entertain she did. Fans looking for Diana deep cuts (sorry, no “I’m Still Waiting” here) may have been disappointed with what’s clearly been crafted as Diana’s nostalgia tour, but no one in my line of vision seemed upset with the singer’s decision to deliver a streamlined set list of one hit after the other in a brisk and undiluted 78 minutes. Continue Reading

DANCE REVIEW | Alvin Ailey dancers shine at Orpheum Theatre

On May 1 and 2, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater was in town at the Orpheum Theatre. Artistic director Robert Battle admitted when he opened the show that “We haven’t been here for a few years, but we’re here now. I’m happy and I want to share my happiness.” He said that he measures the audience’s happiness by ticket sales. The dancers performed for a packed house.

Continue Reading