E-DEMOCRACY | Neighbors take sides as squatters move into 3325 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis

From: John Gall Date: Mar 09Saw this on Kare11 last night. Looks like Minneapolis taxpayers will be spending another $40-$50k in police and court resources to get the Occupy folks out of another home.http://www.kare11.com/news/article/1015117/391/Mpls-woman-moves-into-vacant- foreclosed-homeRedemption period ended 2/11/2013 but the bank can’t market it as Occupy protestors are squatting there. Apparently police have not trespassed them so Wells Fargo will probably have to head to eviction court to get the Sheriff to remove them. Expect at least a month of police / protestor activity eating up your tax dollars. Most interesting story on the news however.From: Michael Thompson Date: Mar 09Appropriate response: SWAT team.Mike ThompsonWindomFrom: Ed Felien Date: Mar 09I most respectfully disagree. Continue Reading

Occupy Ward 9: Newcomer and Occupy Homes advocate Ty Moore, incumbents Cam Gordon and Annie Young endorsed by Minneapolis Greens

The 5th Congressional District Green Party endorsed three candidates February 17, including incumbents Cam Gordon, Ward 2 Councilmember, Annie Young, Minneapolis Park-Commissioner, as well as newcomer and Ward 9 hopeful, Ty Moore.Over 25 people showed up at New Faith Baptist Church on 42nd and Cedar, to listen to the candidates speak and vote for whether or not the candidates would receive Green Party endorsement. Both Gordon and Young are running for re-election in November, and many members at the convention expressed their deepest approval of the two incumbents.Young, who is in her sixth term as Park-Commissioner, spoke of her work surrounding urban agriculture, for which she has been pushing for five years. She also spoke out against the Keystone Pipeline, saying her work now lies with the protesters.”I have been invigorated by seeing uprisings all over the world, as we try to make things right,” said Young during her speech. “I believe it’s not about going over the fiscal cliff, I actually think we’re going over the environmental cliff.”Gordon, who is running for his third term in Ward 2 City Council, spoke of his many accomplishments since he was first elected back in 2005, such as passing the Commercial Recycling Ordinance back in 2011, which requires commercial properties to recycle.Official candidacy won’t be announced until August 15, and neither Gordon or Young know just who they may be running against, if anyone at all. However, with Young’s track record and with Gordon recently receiving the Green Party’s as well as labor endorsements, it may be smooth sailing for the two.As for Ty Moore, his biggest threat in the race is Alondra Cano, who is hoping for DFL endorsement.During his speech at the Green Party endorsement convention, Moore admitted that he believes winning Ward 9 is a slim chance.However, Moore’s campaign is less about winning the City Council seat than about creating a powerful movement, he said, using phrases popularized by Occupy Wall Street.”For us, winning is much bigger than this one office, than this one election,” said Moore. Continue Reading

Mortgage banking double-cross leaves some homeowners out in the cold

Homeowner Caylin Crawford had been paying the mortgage on her St. Paul home on time since she bought it in the spring of 2009. Then, in January 2011, she had a snowboarding accident. Told that she would be unable to work for the next three months, she called US Bank, her mortgage servicer, to see if they could make adjustments until she was back on her feet.“They didn’t skip a beat,” Crawford said. “They said they could help only if I was in default and that I should stop paying my mortgage.” She stopped payment and filled out the modification papers they sent.What US Bank didn’t tell her was at the same time she was applying for the modification, they were moving to foreclose on her house. Continue Reading

OPINION | Student-led initiative beating back the bank attack

The Cruz family’s campaign to win their Cedar Avenue home back from Freddie Mac and PNC Bank changed my life. As a new college student and a new member of the Twin Cities community, I had no idea how far-reaching and devastating the foreclosure crisis was. And I had no concept of the scope of systemic economic inequality in this country.

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FREE SPEECH ZONE | Occupy Minnesota At Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Hearing On XL Pipeline

On December 6th about 50 Occupy folks went to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission hearings. We had gotten wind that the Enbridge Corporation were seeking an OK for them to build new oil pipelines. Specifically to increase their capacity to carry Oil from the  XL Tar Sands extraction in Canada.Free Speech ZoneThe Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. This is an open forum for articles that otherwise might not find a place for publication, including news articles, opinion columns, announcements and even a few press releases. The opinions expressed in the Free Speech Zone and Neighborhood Notes, as well as the opinions of bloggers, are their own and not necessarily the opinion of the TC Daily Planet.Originally it was thought that these pipeleines were only for  Minnesota. Continue Reading

Police detective battles foreclosure as Occupy Atlanta, Occupy Minnesota team up

Retired police detective Jacqueline Barber finds herself in the ironic situation that she could be evicted from her Atlanta home by members of the force with whom she once served in uniform. A cancer patient who has teamed up with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, Barber traveled north to Minneapolis Monday to confront GMAC Mortgage and Minnesota-based U.S. Bank, which bought her home in March in a fire sale.

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Occupy Homes claims abandoned house, eyes South Minneapolis ‘foreclosure free zone’

One year after their successful defense of Bobby Hull’s house in South Minneapolis, Occupy Homes Minnesota demonstrators have escalated the bet by launching a high-profile new campaign that they hope can solve two persistent problems with the same remedy: Moving the homeless and those who lost their homes through foreclosure into abandoned properties.

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