Jerry Freeman of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder talks about his new novel, “In a Kick-Ass Sentimental Mood”

It’s said that those who can, do, and that those who can’t, teach. In the publishing racket, more than one grousing writer would attest that those who can’t do, edit. Not the case with Jerry Freeman of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR).Freeman has been editing at MSR—which, closing on 80 years, is Minnesota’s longest-lived African-American publication (and, for that matter, the state’s oldest minority-owned business)—for the past decade. At the weekly community newspaper, he has developed a nettlesome reputation by assigning staff ace writer Charles Hallman stories delving into no small amount controversy, among them a story on black clergy members’ views on gay marriage and the series “Chasing The Tornado Money” (parts one, two, three) on just how much relief funding actually found its way to North Minneapolis victims of the deadly, vastly damaging tornado in 2011. He has also handled a range of less troubling news features from human interest to op-ed to metro news.All the while, sending writers out to cover events and fielding material for the editorial pages, Jerry Freeman has been quietly hatching a writing project of his own. In a Kick-Ass Sentimental Mood (KaZoom Digital Publishing) is a futuristic novel featuring the cynical hero with a heart of gold: grizzled, hard-bit freelance detective-cum-bounty hunter, Gib, in his hellbent determination to fly in the face of corporate convention and its stranglehold on what no longer even pretends to be a land of the free or home of the brave, but a blatant, massive bastion of haves lording over and trampling on the lives and humanity of have-nots. Continue Reading