NAFTA and US farmers—20 years later

One of the clearest stories from the NAFTA experience has been the devastation wreaked on the Mexican countryside by dramatic increases in imports of cheap U.S. corn. But while Mexican farmers, especially small-scale farmers, undoubtedly lost from the deal, that doesn’t mean that U.S. farmers have won. Prices for agricultural goods have been on a roller coaster of extreme price volatility caused by unfair agriculture policies, recklessly unregulated speculation on commodity markets, and increasing droughts and other climate chaos. Each time prices took their terrifying ride back down, more small- and medium-scale farmers were forced into bankruptcy while concentration of land ownership, and agricultural production, grew. Continue Reading

El Taco Riendo: A great go-to spot for tacos in Northeast Minneapolis

Since becoming a Minnesotan, I have discovered the winter blahs. They usually set in during the month of February. Fortunately, with the variety of restaurants offered here in Minnesota, a staycation to a warmer place is well within reach: sunny Mexico will be the first stop on our tour around the world. That’s right, this year I’ll be taking you on a journey across the globe by featuring an eating establishment representing a different cultural cuisine each month. So, United Foodies of Minnesota—get your passports out and have them ready to be stamped!First stop: El Taco Riendo On 24th & Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis sits my little slice of Mexico. Continue Reading

STYLE PHOTOS | Mexico Magico Fashion Show at Solera

On September 28, Solera hosted Mexico Magico, a fashion show featuring some of Mexico’s premier designers. The event was part of MNfashion Week, which a weeklong event dedicated to enhancing the local fashion industry in Minnesota by giving designers, boutique owners, and other industry professionals an opportunity to display their work at various events. The designers for Mexico Magico included Carla Fernandez, Jose Maria Torre, Alexia Ulibarri, and Delia Gonzalez.

Continue Reading

Cinco de Mayo: A story deep at the heart of Mexican character

It started as invasion by France to collect a debt, but the larger and better equipped French invasion force was defeated by a ragged group of Mexicans, some armed with little more than machetes and pitchforks.  The Battle of Puebla on 5 May 1862 was 150 years ago this Saturday.  It was not decisive, needing a few years before the colorful armies and politicians could sort it all out. Continue Reading