Maureen Santiago, Mayda, Wenso Ashby: Twin Cities discs with which to stuff stockings

Contrary to general perception, I do not hate absolutely everything I hear. In fact, I highly recommend as stocking stuffers to give your favorite music lovers for Christmas Maureen Santiago’s Maureen Santiago, Fide el Amore, and Perasaan; Mayda’s Tusks in Furs; and Wenso Ashby’s Signature.Malaysian import Maureen Santiago is a splendid vocalist, primarily in a classic pop vein with a polished, R&B groove and an underlying penchant for funk. Point in case her debut disc Maureen Santiago. Showing impressive range, the sterling soprano also released Fide el Amore, featuring her inspired rendition of “Ave Maria.” For good measure, there is Perasaan in her native tongue, Malay. Santiago numbers among her fans the king of Malaysia for whom she has performed in court. Continue Reading