Longfellow Art Crawl Might be Cancelled for 2015

Organizers of the 2014 Longfellow Art Crawl have announced they will not be planning and administering an art crawl in 2015, citing other time commitments and priorities.For its first five years, artist and graphic designer Bob Schmitt served as art crawl administrator, overseeing the entire process, coordinating other volunteers, planning and chairing meetings, and serving as the primary contact person; he also created and managed the LoLa (League of Longfellow artists) website and designed the logo and all printed materials.When Schmitt stepped down as administrator after the 2013 event, a small group formed a committee to share administrative duties and organize the 2014 crawl.The LoLa art crawl, which has always been an all-volunteer event, first took place in August of 2009, with 42 artist participants at 20 sites throughout the greater Longfellow area. Participation peaked in 2013, when there were 155 artists at 89 locations. The 2014 art crawl featured 114 artists at 60 sites.The Longfellow Community Council, which has been LoLa’s fiscal agent since 2011, has no plans to step in and intervene, but it invites those who would like to help continue the art crawl to join their Community Connections committee to discuss possible ways to work with other volunteers on the project.“LCC views the LoLa art crawl as an asset to the community. It is our hope that other artists in the community are compelled to take on a leadership role and continue the annual event,” said Melanie Majors, executive director of LCC.“LCC welcomes LoLa artists and other interested residents to join our Community Connections committee to discuss the potential for continuing the art crawl or other opportunities to share art with the community,” she added. The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month, 6:30–8 p.m., at Longfellow Park. Continue Reading

Sonora Grill: Mexican with a flair

I was pleasantly surprised by my most recent visits to the new Sonora Grill at 33rd and E. Lake Street. I’ve been a fan of the original Sonora Grill counter inside the Midtown Global Market, but the new sit-down, table service restaurant (in the former Molly Quinn space, strikingly remodeled) offers a full bar, more variety, and a creative take on Mexican cuisine. The basic staples of Mexican street food are on offer — caramelos (tacos, $4) and bocadillas (sandwiches, $10, lunch only) and guacamole ($5), but there are also more creative offerings, ranging from a hermosillo roll ($10) – which was described to me as a a Mexican take on the sushi specialty roll, stuffed with shredded pork and rice, breaded with panko crumbs and deep-fried. I’m also eager to try the fried pork tail ($6), which, according to a manager, is prepared like Buffalo chicken wings. Some of the more adventuresome offerings may be too adventuresome for the mostly non-Mexican clientele: I expected the Mexican tripe and garbanzo stew to be a version of menudo, the classic hangover cure, but it turned out to be something different, and a lot more interesting — a stew in the style of the French tripe a la mode de Caen, with lots of chewy strips of tripe in a very savory, not-too-spicy tomato and chile sauce.  I tried it on my first visit and loved it, but by the time I returned a couple of weeks later, it had disappeared — it just wasn’t selling, the manager told me. Continue Reading