FREE SPEECH ZONE | The invisible Americans

In this seemingly unending political campaign, these words are reverently uttered dozens of times: “the middle class”.  But there is one group that is rarely mentioned by either party, and nev

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FREE SPEECH ZONE | Public employee unions

The union steward for The Newspaper Guild walked smugly to my desk on my first day at the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a condescending tone he told me how to cheat on my expense account, what to do to get overtime for not working, and that I dressed too well for the union guys. I made a personal vow to do everything I could to change this company and for the next almost 18 years I did. I never gave in to union pressures to be a mediocre worker or to act against my values. I rose rapidly in the management ranks-9 promotions in 16 years-and battled the Newspaper Guild, Teamsters, and other unions every step of the way. Continue Reading