Best of Neighborhoods News 06/11/2019: Roxanne Anderson leads the charge for Minnesota’s first LGBTQ center

Roxanne Anderson leads the charge for Minnesota’s first LGBTQ centerMinnesota is one of six U.S. states currently without an LGBTQ center, though there is an already-existing hub of LGBTQ-focused organizations in the Twin Cities. But in about three years, in the navel of Minnesota, this will change. Founder of the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition, RARE Productions and Cafe SouthSide, Roxanne Anderson is leading the charge to build what will become the state’s first LGBTQ center in the Twin Cities, what Anderson envisages will centralize LGBTQ resources and more into a physical, collective location. “[Queer organizations] all pay a variety of different rents to different landlords who aren’t queer, who aren’t voting for us, who aren’t putting any of that money back into the community,” Anderson explains. “So how can we work collectively as queer organizations to build our own equity? Continue Reading

Living with HIV before Charlie Sheen’s disclosure

As someone who has lived with HIV for more than 15 years, I decided to do my #livingwithhiv Twitter session again because of Charlie Sheen and his recent disclosure. His doing so brought out all of the ignorance and judgment people have around HIV, namely his drug use and his sexual life. Continue Reading

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Best of Neighborhood News 12/3: Homicide aftermath: Co-victims need help too

Photo by Chris Juhn
Homicide aftermath: Co-victims need help too
According to this week’s Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, attention after a homicide tends to be directed almost exclusively to the victim and the perpetrator. Dr. Deirdre Golden argues in this article that we should think of the children and adult community members in our cities who see these acts of violence and feel the effects for the years to come. The press and media can be very intrusive during this period of great sadness and loss. The constant media coverage can serve to re-victimize the survivors, because they re-live the horror over and over. When there is an attempt to look for facts that devalue the worthiness of the murder victim, such as their criminal record, this can further traumatize the family. Continue Reading

World AIDS Day rests on the horizon

by Colette Davidson • 11/28/08 • Okay, it was only a TV movie. But it was based on a true story (as they often are) and packed a real punch. In L’Amour dans le Sang, we visit the life of Charlotte Valandrey, a French teen actress who became a star after her first film, Rouge Baiser, in 1985. Continue Reading

Syphilis increases nearly 30 percent among gay and bisexual men in 2007

Once nearly eliminated in the United States, syphilis is making a comeback among men who have sex with men. The Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. This is an open forum for articles that otherwise might not find a place for publication, including news articles, opinion columns, announcements and even a few press releases.Six years ago, rates of syphilis infection began increasing in Minnesota. A total of 114 new cases of early syphilis were reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) in 2007, up from 104 in 2006. Early syphilis represents the most infectious stage of syphilis and is the greatest concern for health officials. Continue Reading

Minneapolis Urban League adopts unique approach to reach out to African communities

African-born people living in Minnesota make up one percent of the population; yet this group account for 11% of new HIV infections according to Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) HIV Surveillance Report 2006. As of December, 5566 person in Minnesota are assumed alive and living with HIV/AIDS of which 678 persons are African-born. In an attempt to curb the rising rate of HIV/AIDS in the African-born communities, the Minneapolis Urban League’s African Wellness Program is aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis and reducing substance abuse among the African-born communities. The program, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Services Administration (SAMHSA), focuses primarily on four African populations: Somali, Liberian, Ethiopian/Oromo and Kenyan. These groups have been identified as having the highest rates of infection among African immigrants. Continue Reading

Youth News: HIV Infection in the African-American Community

MyChoice Daniel returned for a second summer as part of KFAI’s Youth News program. In 2006, she interviewed foster children, and what affect it had on their lives. In 2007, MyChoice is tackling the effect of HIV infection on African Americans. She will be entering her sophomore year at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis. MyChoice Daniel returned for a second summer as part of KFAI’s Youth News program. Continue Reading