Si se Pudo!!!!

Since 2005 Latinos in the United States have endured increased immigration raids, failed attempts at comprehensive immigration reform, vicious rhetoric from anti-immigrant politicians and activists, the sub prime mortgage mess, the economic melt down and increased racist violent incidents against Latinos throughout the country. In 2006 we marched in the millions against anti-immigrant national and local policies. In 2008 we voted. The numbers are not completely in as of this article going to press, but it seems that Latinos accounted for 8% of about 130 million ballots cast. That means that over 10 million Latinos voted in the 2008 election. Continue Reading

Marking Hispanic Heritage Month

From official proclamations to ‘Ugly Betty,’ from ‘Hispanic’ to ‘Latino,’ who is celebrating what? “It most be Hispanic month again,” I thought a few days ago, when after turning on the tube there was a documentary about the history of Latino portrayals in movies and television. As a Latina living in Minnesota, I’m always excited to see this kind of program. The documentary showed how Latinos in the entertainment industry have come a long way from Carmen Miranda films in the 1950’s to America Ferrara’s “Ugly Betty” today. In the United States we measure both the advancement of a population and their acceptance by the rest of society, by how they are portrayed on TV and movies. Continue Reading