Louise Erdrich: Asynchronous Reading explores the novelist’s visual side

Award winning writer Louise Erdrich is best known for her prolific novels such as the Plague of Doves, Love Medicine and The Round House, but she’s also a visual artist. Asynchronous Reading, a new show curated by Heid E. Erdrich at Bockley gallery is the first time her works will be on view. Asynchronous Reading presents Erdrich’s paintings, collage boxes, and found-object constructions along with poetic text and audio works to create an experience to be viewed, read, and heard. Aza Erdrich and Pallas Erdrich, Louise’s two daughter, contributed key images and media works to an installation curated by Heid E. Erdrich, who also collaborated on parts of the exhibit.It all started when Louise wondered to herself, “Why am I drawing these lines?” Heid remembered saying to her, “You’re abstracting the process of writing.”Heid also remembered seeing Louise make small boxes filled with curiosities.“I always felt that her house was a Cornell box,” she says referring to the American artist and sculptor Joseph Cornell, who was known for his assemblage.Viewers at Bockley gallery will be encouraged to pick up a phone to hear advice, a story about two people stuck on the roof of a hotel, and a message to a secret agent. Asynchronous Reading also features paintings by Aza Erdrich, one of which viewers will recognize from the cover of Louise’s novel The Round House. Continue Reading