‘Year of the Dakota’: Minneapolis resolution uses unprecedented honesty, St. Paul to follow suit

While the Resolution was being read in the Minneapolis City Council chambers, there were tears in the eyes of some of the Native People present. For me, it was significant that the Resolution contained such words as “Genocide,” “Bounties,” “Concentration Camps,” “Forced Marches,” etc. I have, and had, never seen any white governmental entity, at any level – national, state, local, etc. – use such terms in one of their official documents. I never thought I would ever see such a document in my lifetime. Now, I have, and I am so pleased. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | Shades of Gray: Listening To the Infamous “Genocide Denier”

There were only a dozen or so of us gathered at the May Day Bookstore basement at 3PM on Monday afternoon. The hastily-scheduled event left little time to get out the word that the recently returned political prisoner/law professor Peter Erlinder was speaking about his arrest and imprisonment in Rwanda. The professor quickly explained as he began his presentation: he wanted to thank some of his supporters who wrote/called/demonstrated on his behalf during his recent ordeal – and he brought along with him the “real hero”, one of his Kenyan attorneys who risked his own freedom and life to stand up on Erlinder’s behalf. Erlinder explained: “Before I traveled to Rwanda, an attorney representing [one of the many political prisoners in Rwanda] was safe. After I was arrested and imprisoned, any attorney coming in knew they might also suffer the same fate.” Continue Reading