Occupy Homes demands Minneapolis cops follow protocols

Occupy Homes is calling for the Minneapolis Police Department to follow its own foreclosure protest protocol, which requires a number of steps before people can be arrested. The demand that police follow their own rules came after seven people occupying vacant houses were arrested within 10 days in March. On April 1st, Occupy held a rally in downtown Minneapolis and marched on the offices of Police Chief and City Attorney Susan Segal, where protesters placed the boards the police had used to board homes reclaimed by Occupy Houses.

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Video: ‘Board up banks, not our home’

Occupy Homes along with members of the community placed large wooden boards over the doors at the Minneapolis Police Department and the City Attorneys office, giving them a taste of what’s been happening to folks going through foreclosure. Over the past two weeks the Minneapolis Police Department has come down hard on people who are reclaiming vacant homes. Those arrested weren’t given a chance to depart the premises, as has been the case for others in this situation. Protestors want to know what’s behind the more aggressive law enforcement stance recently and how come no bankers have been arrested or prosecuted for leaving communities in shambles. Continue Reading

Uneven recovery: Picket fence still faded in exurbia

Five years ago, when the housing crisis hit with a vengeance, new home construction in the exurban ring counties around the Twin Cities and St. Cloud came to a screeching halt, new housing tracts were boarded up, and thousands of people lost homes they couldn’t afford after losing jobs.

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This could be a story about unbridled greed. Or about making money without regard to consequences.  Perhaps, it is a tale that simply exemplifies responsible real estate investing as defined by Chris Gleize of Northern Value Group. Chris figures large as a protagonist in this drama.  But I will let you, the reader,  draw your own conclusions.  A good percentage of the information provided in this story comes from public  court documents. Other information was provided by Mr. Gleize’s attorney and the homeowner who is now subject to immediate eviction.   Nafeesah a strong, middle aged woman who has lived in single family four bedroom house since 1991 is the other major player in this unfolding narrative.  Just down the block from from Lake Street, it has stood in its present location since 1904! Continue Reading