Police Brutality and City Hall

Michael Cavlan has the expressed permission of the  X Vandals to use this song and video clip Plan B in his article titled Police Brutality And City Hall. Please note that it was written on Friday March 6th, 2015 but due to technical copyright issues was not published in the Twin Cities Daily Planet until Saturday March 14th, two days after two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri. On November 25th, 2014 Jeffrey Patrick Rice of St Paul, Minnesota plowed his car into a protest against police killings in Minneapolis. After knocking over a group of protesters and trapping a 16 year old girl under his car, he sped away, putting others at risk. The Minneapolis police talked to him after the incident and let him go without even a ticket. Their initial report called Mr Rice the “victim” and the young girl that had been trapped under his car and others injured by him as “others.” The Minneapolis Star Tribune initially reported the police version of Mr Rice being the “victim” who was “fleeing the mob.” Continue Reading

Arts meets politics: Twin Cities artists share their outrage over Ferguson

After Minneapolis poet David Bayliss witnessed the Ferguson riots on television earlier in August, he felt the need to express his outrage through his art. Now he wants to give other local artists a chance to do the same.This Sunday, Oct. 12, Bayliss and about a dozen local and national artists are hosting a night of performances at Patrick’s Cabaret in south Minneapolis. OUTRAGE: Writers respond to Ferguson aims to provide an official space for local artists to share their reaction to the ongoing racial tension re-sparked by the shooting of an unarmed Black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this summer. The event is co-sponsored by Patrick’s Cabaret.“I had this energy that I just needed to get out there. Continue Reading