Here’s what I know about parenthood…

My path to parenthood was a stressful one. Infertility is a cruel beast. It seems that I spent my whole adult life trying not to get pregnant, and now that I wanted to, I couldn’t. After years of trying, which gets old very quickly, and doctors, and test, and appointments, and hopes dashed, and guilt setting in, I was finally pregnant! With twins! Continue Reading

International Year of Family Farming – What it’s about, why it matters

For Minnesotans the true Rite of Spring is planting season – even if the experience is remembered or vicarious. Planting season with real farmers on real tractors with genetically un-modified seeds, rotated crops and other practices that promote sustainable agricultural systems. Happily, nostalgia is giving way to reality as urban farming, farm to home, and farmers market programs and locavore cuisine raise the profile of family farming and the role that family farmers play in growing nutritious food to feed a hungry world — while protecting the environment and preserving the land. Continue Reading

Mothers, daughters, and stories

This past Saturday I stood in front of a very small group to read an essay that is probably the most personal thing I’ve written outside of the pages of my journal in years. That group will decide whether I will be offered an opportunity to read my essay in front of a much larger audience as part of the 2014 Listen to Your Mother show. I won’t hear until the end of the week whether my audition was successful. In all honesty, I’m not sure which outcome I’m rooting for. Continue Reading

Little piggies and parenting

There is a photo somewhere in which I am about six and wearing a teal fake fur winter coat. We are gorgeous, that coat and me. I am holding a pinkish white baby pig close to my chest, cradling and squishing it like a beloved baby doll. Continue Reading

OPINION | Helping families improves schools

The one-room country school predates health insurance, medical clinics, food shelves, family planning services, after-school enrichment programs and community education. Yet, the one-room country school house defined wrap-around educational services well before anyone conceived the term “wrap around services.” There’s a lesson to be learned here.

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Anti-Marriage vote: A year later

It’s a year today since we voted on the anti-marriage amendment. This time last year we were at a stopping point in a long, difficult, involuntary journey. It was a nervous 18 months, leading up to a horribly scary day. Continue Reading

OPINION | Abuelos y Nietos Juntos and the immigrant dream

Abuelos y Nietos Juntos (Grandparents and Grandchildren Together) began with a dream – a dream in the hearts of immigrants in Worthington, MN and their families in Guatemala that one day they would be together. Many of our Guatemalan immigrants (and immigrants from other places) are undocumented, and this prevents them from going back to Guatemala to see their families. It’s also difficult for the family members in Guatemala to obtain a visitor’s visa to the U.S. So we have many situations where our immigrants here haven’t seen their families “back home” for 15 or 20 years.

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