What’s next for Cafe SouthSide’s founders Roxanne Anderson and Anna Meyer

For years, 3405 Chicago Ave was a radical community hub. The building housed three interconnected pillars of South Minneapolis: the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition, RARE Productions and Cafe SouthSide. The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition came first, as a nonprofit dedicated to securing healthcare for trans and gender non-conforming people. A community of marginalized people who were seeking support, connections and belonging developed around The Coalition. Two leaders of that community, Rochelle A. James and Roxanne E. Anderson, subsequently created RARE Productions, an arts and entertainment production company centering queer and trans artists of color. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Terra Cole: One Minneapolis mayoral forum was sexist to female candidates

I would first like to start off by saying how extremely blessed I was to have experienced the One Minneapolis Mayoral forum which took place this past Thursday. Over the past six months, I have had the opportunity to either be a part of the planning of or working at least four other mayoral forums this year. I will tell you without reservation that the One Minneapolis forum by far was the best attended, most diverse and posed the most thoughtful questions to the candidates. I was very pleased with the care and meaningfulness of the questions that were posed to the candidates as well as the individuals who asked them. The One Minneapolis forum was truly put on for the people and by the people. Continue Reading

Firefighting in the Twin Cities: Reflecting the community

It’s ever been a toss-up as to whether being a firefighter or emergency medical technician is the worst job you could have – or the best. No doubt the hours seem very good (Mpls C-Shift – 48 hours on, 96 off; 24 on, 24 off for the others and St. Paul) – so good that most of them also moonlight in some fashion, even own successful businesses on the side. On the other hand, fighting fires is very risky business. Certainly more firefighters have died on the job than do cops – and busy night with several runs, dangerous or not, can take a serious toll on a guy’s health. Continue Reading