Minneapolis and St. Paul holiday theater preview: Lots of sugarplums, not much spice

December is a peculiar month for theater. While I can’t find data to support this hunch, it seems plausible that more theater tickets are sold in December than any other month, as families who otherwise never see plays make reservations to see holiday chestnuts. Many of the Twin Cities’ best theater companies, though, go into holiday hibernation, unwilling or unable to compete with the big downtown juggernauts.In previous years we’ve published a comprehensive guide to holiday theater, but it was becoming harder and harder to find new things to say about what are basically the same shows year in and year out. Instead, this year I’m posting this relatively brief, completely subjective guide to notable shows on local stages next month. Please share your own recommendations in the comment section below.The behemoth that must be acknowledged before all others is the Guthrie Theater’s Christmas Carol, a reliably traditional interpretation that for many families is the beginning and end of all Twin Cities theater. Continue Reading

NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | The Nativity Tree Lot

The Nativity Tree Lot is a seasonal hot spot in Mac Groveland. The Tree Lots sells Christmas trees and wreaths. It is run by the Nativity Men’s Club. The purpose is outlined on the Tree Lot web site:

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