Chris Cloud of MPLS.TV sets out to do “13 Collabs” in 2013

Chris Cloud is a man of execution. While others dream up plans that rarely go head to head with reality, Cloud rarely leaves a thought uncharted. Luckily for us, almost every thought the man has is golden and harmoniously in line with current trends in media and technology. Known locally as a creative “thinkdoer” and dubbed “a creative revolutionary” by the likes of Fox 9 News, Cloud is a dude who gets shit done. With a canon of skills that include “anticipating cultural trends rather than passively waiting and reacting to them” and “lacking a fear of failing,” Cloud is the epitome of proactive. Put Chris Cloud on a problem and he’ll have it solved, marketed, branded and have already thrown a killer party for it faster than you can say, “Help me, daddy.” Continue Reading