New eco-friendly Carleton dorms attract national attention

These red brick buildings are green.

“It’s hard to tell it is so environmentally friendly, it just feels like a really nice dorm,” says Lauren Masterson, a Carleton College freshman and resident of Cassat Hall, one of two new recently completed dormitories getting rave reviews from residents.

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Northfield’s Jon Denison: Dismal as a candidate, but winning fans in office

On the morning of November 8, 2006, Jon Denison learned that he had become Northfield’s new city councilor for the 4th Ward. In a close race that wasn’t decided until after he’d gone to sleep, Denison squeaked past his opponent, Victor Summa, by a mere 49 votes.The strange thing was, Denison had never really campaigned. He hadn’t attended any public candidate forums, nor had he responded to questions from the Northfield News about his policies, initiatives or ideas. Shocked by Northfield’s selection of such an unknown quantity, resident activist Tracy Davis went to the Internet to voice her dissatisfaction. In a post on, a community blog that receives thousands of visits each day, Davis bewailed Denison’s election:“Last night’s election results in the Fourth Ward, on the City’s west side, were shameful,” Davis wrote. Continue Reading