Anything but “Twilight”: Trying to choose just one book at the Twin Cities Book Festival

One book, that’s all you get; just one book and nothing more. That’s the phrase one often hears a parent utter to a child at the bookstore while wondering why Junior won’t play with G.I. Joes or Barbies instead. But those who make that request have no idea how impossible “just one book” sounds. How can you choose just one when you see the hard-bound covers adorned with gold leaf lettering or the glossy pages with ink that leaves stains on your fingers? Continue Reading

How to be a famous author like N.M. Kelby

Nicole Kelby is on a book tour that also involves champagne breakfasts and eight-course gourmet dinners. Quick survey: anybody wish you were a critically acclaimed novelist on a foodie book tour? Let’s see…looks like just about everyone’s raising a hand, except a few in the back who are either texting or asleep. Kelby’s recipe for success: a painful childhood, every kind of journalism job there ever was, a couple horrible tragedies, absolute fearless determination, and lots of dishwashing. You, too, can be a famous author! Continue Reading

Books for Africa Celebrates 20 Years: 20 million books in 20 Years

On September 12th the Minnesota and African communities did more than reconnect at The Minnesota History Center for the Books for Africa 20th Anniversary Gala. They celebrated their connection and renewed their pledge to support each other in the noble cause to end Africa’s book famine. In a jam packed auditorium, attendees wearing brightly colored and beautifully patterned African outfits keenly listened as representatives from Africa and local leaders praised and encouraged the organization for its work. “I never imagined that I would have to speak to so many people today!” exclaimed Welile Nhlapo, South African ambassador to the U.S. “Let me thank you first for the invitation to be a guest at this gathering this evening, but let me also thank you for your efforts directed to us. We are all invested in the best kind of investment: our children and our future,” he added. Continue Reading