7th Annual Augsburg Powwow

Augsburg College held its 7th annual traditional powwow on Saturday, March 28 in the Si Melby Gymnasium on campus in Minneapolis. The event was hosted by the Augusburg American Indian Student Association and American Indian Student Services. Continue Reading

VIDEO: KSTP owner Stan Hubbard refuses to apologize during Augsburg #Pointergate protest

Outside of Sateren Auditorium on Augsburg College’s campus, dozens of protesters convened in the cold November air, demanding KSTP publicly apologize for their report last week, now dubbed #Pointergate.Inside, a packed auditorium listened to KSTP owner Stanley Hubbard present his points on the success of broadcast journalism. But the sold out event wasn’t because of Hubbard’s insights into broadcasting. About a third of the audience there, organized by Augsburg’s Minnesota Public Interest Group and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, were there to demand a public apology for KSTP’s report.Less than 30 minutes into Hubbard’s speech, protesters interrupted the event demanding he apologize on air. Watch the unedited video below to see what happened, or keep reading to find out more.Related article: #Pointergate protesters plan rally against KSTP owner Stan Hubbard(UNEDITED VIDEO: Stanley Hubbard refuses to apologize during Augsburg #Pointergate protest)“Speaking of integrity,” says a man wearing a large, red foam hand. “We demand an apology on air.”The foam hand, the kind seen at sports events, is pointing with one finger, and at this point dozens of protesters stand up in the auditorium, all wearing the same red finger.“No, of course not,” Hubbard replies to the man. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | The First to Master the Challenge

Aquila Tapio, Oglala Lakota, was determined to finish what she opted to start in the fall of 2008. She entered the new Naadamaadiwin, “Helping One Another” Tribal Special Education program at Augsburg College and will be the first student through the program to obtain her master’s degree.Although Tapio acknowledges her academic notoriety, what is most evident is her humble demeanor and longstanding focus on helping people. She began her studies after moving to the Twin Cities when she was 18. Her initial two-year degree quickly led to a four-year degree from the University of Minnesota, then a paralegal certificate from Hamline University and finally a teaching certificate and a forthcoming master’s degree from Augsburg College. Tapio is currently enrolled in her final course. Continue Reading