Arab Spring continues outside the headlines

Obviously that headline isn’t completely true, because if it’s not being reported, then how am I linking to reports? It’s more a case that our domestic concerns with the economy and the latest dumb things said during Republican presidential debates have pushed the Arab Spring off the front pages and maybe even to the hidden places where a bit of looking is necessary. Continue Reading

My 9/11 experience

I rarely think of 9/11. I know that almost every one has been affected by this day in one way or another. It was 10 years ago and yet it feels like yesterday. I had to remember that day against my will the other day, long before the actual date came, while teaching a grammar lesson. Yes, this day creeps up in unexpected places, unexpected times.  

Continue Reading

Appreciating and utilizing our freedom

As much as we welcome the recent revolutions in parts of the Arab world, we need to acknowledge an important fact: Revolutions are no fun. Although they are necessary at times in order to correct rampant tyranny and corruption, it’s better not to ever have to resort to them. Continue Reading

Who was the worst offender in Lakeville–the questioner or the candidate?

Much has been made of McCain’s angry crowd in Lakeville last week, where the candidate snatched a microphone from the hands of a questioner asserting that Barack Obama is “an Arab.” McCain’s response to this claim? “No ma’am. He’s a decent family man and citizen.”Let’s run the tape again:Questioner: “He’s an Arab.”McCain: “No, he’s decent.”The candidate’s response manifested in headlines like “McCain tamps down hostility” and “McCain calms supporters.”It took respected pollster James Zogby to cry foul and declare “I am an Arab and a decent man.”
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We are left to infer that an Arab man is less then a “decent family man.” Enough is enough! From the beginning of this campaign there have been those who have used Muslim and Arab in an effort to smear Barak Obama. This exploitation of bigotry and the stoking of racist fires to forward an agenda is reprehensible. Continue Reading