Sympathy for Sarah Palin? You betcha!


by Rich Broderick • 11/9/08 • Perhaps I am alone in this, but I find myself beginning to feel a little sorry for Sarah Palin.

Talk about being careful about what you wish for! Not only is all her dirty laundry getting aired in a way that would probably never have happened if she hadn’t stepped into the glare of the national limelight. She’s also learning from her erstwhile “friends” what happens to pawns when they make the mistake of thinking of themselves as queens.

Off with her head!

Currently the Rove-Cheney-Vin Weber crowd who run the GOP are busy savaging her with not-for-attribution insults and demeaning revelations about her ignorance, overbearing temperament and greed. But what they are really unmasking is the utter contempt in which the party leadership holds the very “base” that she was brought in to mobilize; a base that she and her family, in all their spotty education and unlettered speech patterns and intolerant views and dysfunctional family dynamics and naive craving for fancy clothes and high-powered snowmobiles, personally embody.

The most telling insult so far has been the “Wasilla hillbillies” crack, probably made by one of the Rove proteges who began running McCain’s campaign last summer, regarding the wardrobe the RNC bought for her and her little clan.

“Hillbillies,” or some version of it, is precisely how the amoral scum floating on the surface of the Republican Party perceives the rural, small town white evangelicals the GOP has been stringing along for the last 40-odd years with its cynical Southern Strategy, its carefully calibrated code-words about Jesus, The Rapture, the sanctity of life, and law-and-order, etc.

Personally, I think It would serve the creeps at the top right if Palin did come back and run for President in 2012. The last thing on earth they want is for the base actually to _run_ the party. That might mean — why it might mean giving up single malt Scotch and canapes and membership in exclusive country clubs in exchange for Budweiser and chips and evenings out at high school hockey games. Unthinkable!

Maybe even more unthinkable than having a Black President!